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Starcraft 2

TYTY vs Trap | StarCraft 2

Closed qualifiers in South Korea are ongoing. TY defended himself from the Trap attack due to the excellent calculation of his strengths on this map. ...


Interview with Team X-com AGO | CS:GO

Today we conducted an interview with Mikolay "miNir0x" Michalkow (X-com AGO coach), and asked him urgent questions. 1. Not so long ago you changed the line-up...

Starcraft 2

South Korea Closed Qualifiers | Starcraft 2

And here is the current bracket of WESG Starcraft 2 South Korea Closed qualifier. Maru and Dark have secured their slots at WESG APAC Finals. We will learn the...

Starcraft 2

Winner of CIS Closed Qualifier | StatCraft 2

WESG Starcraft 2 CIS Closed qualifier is over! Congratulations to Bly on taking the second place at the closed qualifier and advancing to WESG Grand Final. ...

Starcraft 2

Dark vs Rogue | StarCraft 2

An amazingly quick game in South Korea Closed qualifiers! Dark, playing for Zerg, begun a Zerg Rush and defeated his opponent literally in 4 minutes! If yo...


Finest vs Yalla | CS:GO

Finest and Yalla met again during West Asia Closed qualifier, but this time one of the teams had to leave the tournament. The fight was incredible, dead and ark...

Dota 2

Interview with Mind_Control | Dota 2

Today we conducted an interview with the Mind_Control and asked him urgent questions. Enjoy! 1. What is the point of playing Dota 2 for you right now? What&rs...


WESG CS:GO Closed Qualifiers | South Asia

Congratulations to Global Esports on taking 2nd place in WESG CS:GO Closed qualifier in South Asia and winning the slot at WESG Asia-Pacific Finals!