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Global Finals 2019-2020

World Electronic Sports Games (shortened as WESG) is an international esports championship tournament based in Shanghai and organized by AliSports. The first edition has a total prize pool of over $5.5 million and the finals will be in December 2016.

The World Electronic Sports Games heavily bases itself on the Olympic Games and as a result of this, it is unique in that all teams must be composed of players of the same nationality to emphasize national pride. The event also has separate tournaments for men and women. Tournaments generally follow single-elimination rules. Olympic influence is also visible in the promotional art. promotional art.


6/17 — 6/30


China, Chongqing



Prize pool


China National Qualifier

China's champions advance to the grand finals

Regional Qualifier

The elites who won the city competition will compete with the invited professional players on the four major tournaments to qualify for the China Finals

APEC Grand Final & Other Qualifier

China's finals champions directly promoted to the global finals

Grand Final

Players who have won awards from all continents will compete with some of the world's top players who have been directly promoted to compete in this tournament

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