WESG 2019-2020 Closed Qualifiers Starcraft 2


First games of the WESG 2019-2020 start tomorrow, which means it’s time for news!

Anyone can apply and play in the Open qualifiers. Winners of the Open qualifiers advance to the Closed qualifiers, where they will face invited teams for the slot at WESG Grand Final.

The format of Closed qualifiers is different from Open qualifiers' format. This step of tournament will be in double-elimination bracket, which means that team will be eliminated after 2 losses. 

 Qualifiers will consist of Open qualifiers and Qualifiers’ Finals in certain regions. Participants of Qualifiers’ Finals will compete for the slot at WESG Grand Final. 


You can find more information about the qualifying system on: link


And here is the list of invited teams:


WESG Online Qualifiers SC2 schedule: link

Slots distribution per countries and regions: link

Open qualifiers registration: link

Anyone can apply to make their own broadcast on: link

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