Interview with Dark | StarCraft 2


Today we've interviewed Kevin de Coning (Harstem) and asked him interesting questions.


1. Why do you think South Korea is still the strongest region in SC2?
Because Iem, Wesg, and Blizzcon all korean champion.

2. Who are your most serious opponents at this year’s WESG?
Maybe Serral.

3. Does it tire you of traveling from your country to international tournaments and does it affect your game?

Of course, it does. I'am not good at adjusting to new environment, food, and weather.

4. Why do you prefer to play for the Zerg and what is the secret of a perfect strategy?

I first used to play terran.

But it didn't fit me well, so I switched to zerg.

I think it's my best match. zzz

I always find new things or create i like it.

I think the constant effort and research is probably the reason for the new strategy.

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