Starcraft 2

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1. Both male and female can take part in the tournament.

1.1. One player can take part only in the 1 region

Match Mode: Best-of-5 for our online stages. 


Game Version: StarCraft II – Legacy of the Void Latest Patch


Win/Loss Condition: Types GG in public chat channel or destroys enemy’s all units.


Match Rules:

BO5 Map Selection Method: Determination of home team is by coin tossing or other methods with the same nature.

  a). The home team bans the first map.
  b). The away team bans the second map.
  c). The home team choose the first match map.
  d). The away team choose the second match map.
  e). The home team choose the third match map.
  f). The away team choose the forth match map.
  g). The last map is the fifth match map.

Match Map:
1. Disco Bloodbath LE
2. Ephemeron LE
3. Triton LE
4. Winter’s Gate LE
5. World of Sleepers LE
6. Acropolis LE
7. Thunderbird LE
Note: If map changes due to Blizzard Seasonal Update, the map subjects to notice in Blizzard official website.


Judgement of Abstention 

  a). Players are not able to sign-up to referees will be considered as abstention.

  b). Players are required to select the same race as in registration information and inform referees before match starts. Players are not allowed to change race in countdown phase. Otherwise, it be considered as abstention.


Judgement of Disconnection

  a). If player disconnects on purpose or causes disconnection by abnormal means without referee’s agreement, it will be considered as violation and lose the match once it is confirmed.

  b). If unintentional disconnection happens due to computer, Internet etc. Both Players should keep the latest screenshots and videos as judging evidence.

  c). Restart the game from interrupted time by replay tool (Referee reserves the right to restart the game 3-5 seconds in advance as buffering time)


Judgement of Tie Game

   While Both sides have no sufficient strength to destroy the opponent

a). Game time is less than 20 minutes, restart the game

b). Game time is more than 20 minutes, the server will count points once listed situation is happened. The Player who has 20 percent more point than the opponent wins the game.

  • There is no recourses left in the map or both sides are not able to collect resources.
  • Both sides have no sufficient strength to destroy the opponent.

Admin might bend the rules for fair verdict.


  In special circumstances, both sides have the right to apply 2 emergencies pausing, but explaining pausing reasons is needed. In other circumstances, players are required to tell in public chat channel or raise hands to call a pause. Under referee’s permission, referee will execute related operations. The Pausing time cannot be more than 3 minutes, any pausing without permit will receive punishment such as warming.