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Slot at WESG Grand Final | CS:GO

Congratulations to North on securing their slot at WESG Grand Final! We will see their performance in March 2020 in Chongqing.


X-com AGO is winning!

And X-Kom Ago is winning with a score of 2-0 against Skade!Tomorrow we will learn who is going to play at WESG Grand Final, stay tuned. 

CS:GO Female

Interview with Vilga

Today we interviewed Ksenia (Vilga) Klyuenkova, and asked her interesting questions. 1. Your team won at WESG 2017, do you think it will be possible to achieve...

Dota 2

Lower Bracket Final | Dota 2

Did you miss Dota 2 games at WESG? We got you covered!Natus Vincere will face jfshfh178 in Lower Bracket Final at 12:55 CET! The winner is going to play against...


Closed Qualifiers in East Europe | CS:GO

WESG CS:GO Closed qualifier in East Europe is ongoing and we have 2 games here today! Illuminar Gaming and Aristocracy will play the Upper Bracket Final and x-k...


Closed Qualifiers in North EU | CS:GO

WESG CS:GO Closed qualifiers in North EU is about to start!The winner of North Esports vs GamerLegion is going to play in Closed qualifier Grand Final.In Lower...

Dota 2

Closed Qualifiers in West & Central EU

Even more Dota 2 for today! It's the first day of WESG Closed qualifiers in West and Central EU.We start at 15:30 CET with the games of vs SworDDarK, a...

Dota 2

Natus Vincere vs jfshfh178 | Dota 2

After successful Roshan Pit fight Natus Vincere is winning the game against jfshfh178 with a score of 2-0. Tomorrow they will compete with FlyToMoon for the slo...