Match Shedule & Twitch channels of WESG | CS:GO

Hi! Closed Qualifiers and Finals qualifiers are in full swing right now and we're sure that you don't want to miss anything interesting! We created a timetable of official streams, so it will be easier for you to watch WESG games on our Twitch channels.

East EU06/1213:55Protaliswesg_csgo
East EU07/1213:55TBDwesg_csgo
East EU07/1216:55Greatnesswesg_csgo
Central EU08/1213:30TBDwesg_cs
East EU08/1213:55TBDwesg_csgo
East EU08/1216:55Greatnesswesg_cs
(F) South Asia+208/1217:00TBDwesg_csgo
Central EU09/1213:30Raptroswesg_cs
West EU09/1216:55 TBDwesg_csgo
West EU09/1219:55 TBDwesg_csgo
Central EU10/1214:30TBDwesg_cs
West EU10/1216:55Raptroswesg_csgo
Central EU10/1217:30Raptroswesg_cs
West EU10/1219:55Raptroswesg_csgo
Central EU11/1214:30over+Protaliswesg_csgo
West EU11/1216:55TBDwesg_cs
Central EU11/1217:30over+Protaliswesg_csgo
West EU11/1219:55Vearlesswesg_cs
West EU12/1213:55overwesg_cs
Central EU12/1214:30Raptros+Protaliswesg_csgo
West EU12/1216:55overwesg_cs
Central EU12/1217:30Raptros+Protaliswesg_csgo
West EU16/1213:55TBDwesg_csgo
West EU16/1216:55TBDwesg_csgo
Central EU16/1218:55Vearless+Mintcrystallwesg_cs
West EU17/1212:55overwesg_csgo
West EU17/1215:55overwesg_csgo
Central EU17/1218:55Raptros+Vearlesswesg_cs


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