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And here is a news flash on WESG CS:GO Qualifiers. 
We had a Qualifiers’ Final in Chinese Taipei, in which Heretics Gaming faced AHQ. That was a clear win for AHQ of score 2-0. 
CIS Closed qualifier is still going. Navi Junior are confidently winning in the Upper Bracket and today we will see their game against WaitForTag. Meanwhile, we have a game of Nemiga vs. Hellraisers in the Lower Bracket. The loser will leave the competition. 
East EU is giving us interesting games such as Virtus.Pro vs x-kom AGO, and Aristocracy vs Wisla All In! 
North EU also has some interesting games such as Heroic vs Hukka (26.11), North vs maquinas (27.11). 
Track news here and watch our streams if you don’t want to miss anything interesting! 
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