Dota 2

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1. Both male and female can take part in the tournament.Team must have at least 3 players as citizens of one country, and 2 players can be citizens of others. If a team uses 2 standins, then 5 players (3 main and 2 standins) must be from one country and 2 players may be from other countries.

1.1. One player can take part only in the 1 region


Match Mode: 5 vs 5 Captain’s Mode


Win/Loss Condition: Destroys enemy’s Ancient.

“GG” is typed, is not a confirmation of defeat


Match Rules:

Sides and picks are randomly decided by the FACEIT platform and cannot be changed by the teams.

Time join to the lobby: 900 sec

TV delay: 2 minutes


Pause limits for online qualifiers - 15 minutes on all pauses for 1 team in each map


Using of scripts and cheats are prohibited


Game Detailed Rules

  a). Shared operation is allowed

  b). Killing teammates is allowed

  c). No items limitation

  d). No Back-Door limitation


Disconnection/ Hardware Malfunction

  a). After game officially start, if player who is not responsible for B/P disconnects in Ban/Pick phase, disconnected player should reconnect immediately and BP continues.

  b). If player who is responsible for B/P disconnects or all players disconnects and causes BP phase interrupt, then re-start the game and re-start BP phase. However, BP orders and Hero selection cannot be changed before disconnection.

  c). After game officially starts, if player disconnects or other accident happens, each team has opportunities to call pauses and wait for disconnected player reconnects. However, players are required to type “P” in public chat channel before pausing the game and inform referees about pausing reasons.

  d). During the game, if game interrupts due to hardware provided by officials, player should inform referees to pause the game and referees will verdict according to specific situation.