Match Shedule & Twitch channels of WESG | Dota 2


Hi! Closed Qualifiers and Finals qualifiers are in full swing right now and we're sure that you don't want to miss anything interesting! We created a timetable of official streams, so it will be easier for you to watch WESG games on our Twitch channels.   

Greater China7/12/201912:00Hasbazwesg_dota2  
West EU, Central EU, Iberia7/12/2019
East EU7/12/201917:00SeekNStrikewesg_dota2  
West EU, Central EU, Iberia7/12/201918:30Movawesg_dota2  
East EU7/12/201920:00SeekNStrikewesg_dota2  
South Korea8/12/201911:00SeekNStrikewesg_dota2  
West EU, Central EU, Iberia8/12/201915:30SeekNStrikewesg_dota2  
East EU8/12/201917:00Kaameelwesg_dota2_main2
West EU, Central EU, Iberia8/12/201918:30SeekNStrikewesg_dota2  
West EU, Central EU, Iberia9/12/201915:30AvoPluswesg_dota2_main2
East EU9/12/201917:00Kaameelwesg_dota2  
West EU, Central EU, Iberia9/12/201919:30AvoPluswesg_dota2_main2
South Asia10/12/201908:00AvoPluswesg_dota2 
South Asia10/12/201911:00Bluewesg_dota2_main2
Greater China10/12/201912:00AvoPluswesg_dota2_main
South Asia11/12/2019 08:00Bluewesg_dota2  
South Asia11/12/2019 11:00Bluewesg_dota2  
South Asia12/12/2019 08:00Bluewesg_dota2  
South Asia12/12/2019 11:30Dktrumanwesg_dota2  
North EU12/12/2019 14:00Dktrumanwesg_dota2    
North EU13/01/202014:00Movawesg_dota2    
North EU13/01/202017:00Movawesg_dota2    
North EU13/01/202020:00Movawesg_dota2    
North EU14/01/202013:00AvoPluswesg_dota2    
North EU14/01/202016:00AvoPluswesg_dota2    
North EU14/01/202019:00AvoPluswesg_dota2    
North EU15/01/202013:00AvoPluswesg_dota2    
North EU15/01/202016:00AvoPluswesg_dota2    
North EU15/01/202019:00AvoPluswesg_dota2    
North EU16/01/202015:00Snarewesg_dota2    
North EU16/01/202019:30Snarewesg_dota2    
North EU17/01/202015:00Snarewesg_dota2    


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